forest at dawn

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pretty volume: looking back

I’ve been always too late for things. I should have posted this project ending note for so long but keep making excuses on social and emotional changes to put it off. Here is the summary of my work last summer with Pretty Volume. I had really really good time planning and carrying it out, and I’ve learned valuable lessons. Let’s hope that in future projects I will be bolder and better strategic in my approach.


Ep.10 – Finale: “Daikanyama”

Pretty Voume Summer Project ’17

Ep.10: “Daikanyama”

made from memories of my favorite Tokyo spot. hope to wear this wandering around the ultra cool neighborhood again, one fine day.


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7 months ago

did I grow? did I grow not?

It was all about borrowed cameras and that rule of third back then. I mostly used the phone app and didn’t know how to make the skin less orange/ red. I was also under that big influence of the gorgeous blog wecouldgrowup2gether to try out photoshop but gave up after a short while, respectfully acknowledging any editing beyond colors was neither of my capability nor my interest.


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