– forest.

[ forest ] embroidered T | photo essay for the last design of Konkon Factory project



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7 months ago

did I grow? did I grow not?

It was all about borrowed cameras and that rule of third back then. I mostly used the phone app and didn’t know how to make the skin less orange/ red. I was also under that big influence of the gorgeous blog wecouldgrowup2gether to try out photoshop but gave up after a short while, respectfully acknowledging any editing beyond colors was neither of my capability nor my interest.


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[ photo / edit ]

I sometimes send my friends the edited photos that make them either “ooh ah, how can you think of that pose” or “come on, you’re not keeping this weird picture!”. Truth is I hardly know how to ask my friends to “pose”. It’s either that those who were my models are geniuses or I let my camera do its job of capturing. I love natural moments. I love smiles and I love the sun. I love eccentric expression. The content should be bare enough.

Then I can move to Lightroom, let my mood direct my eyes and put on the photo tons of coloring 🙂


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