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This is an excerpt from a drama that I’m watching, with which I resonate so much and developed a fond affection as the result:

“Hopefully your desperate attempts will turn into something concrete. Hopefully you can quickly make your living out of what you are pursuing. And I have been praying for you. I pray that this difficult life will not hold you back. I pray that all the struggles you are going through are nothing but a test that Gods give you to prepare for your being a phenomenon. I pray that all are just a training to you.”

I’m learning bit and bit a day and each and every single result I can put out, no matter how small, is the fruit of tasks to fill, decisions to make and personal insecurity to suffer. I’m here posting the result of today’s work and humbly satisfied with that, but also being mindful of all the physical and mental challenges I have gone through during the day. I certainly want to produce more of similar content moments, but on the other hand also want more of such learning experience that I had today, both about work and about self. Hopefully all are an effective training to me. Hopefully I grow and build up my confidence in the trade.


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